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Sensuality and the Tale of the Wind

Live, take life as it comes, and be aware of who you are with all your desires.

How sensual do you consider yourself to be? And do you recognize women who exude sensuality? Initially, you might immediately associate this with sex or sexuality. While sensuality and sexuality are closely related and often confused, they are two distinct things. Sensuality is more of a way of life, something you can embody, where you experience the magic of life on a daily basis.

The rise of feminine energy in the autumn invites sensuality.

The autumn season carries a beautiful balance between the masculine yang energy and the feminine yin energy, with a noticeable increase in feminine energy. Because this contrast is so beautifully present and the balance gradually shifts, feminine energy and all its facets become more visible. With its increased visibility, we have the opportunity to recognize, develop, or accept these qualities and attributes within ourselves.

Feminine energy and the second chakra.

Feminine energy, like masculine energy, can be found in every individual, whether male or female. Together, these two energies make us complete human beings. Feminine energy is closely connected to our second chakra, which deals with our ability to play, feel, experience, and actually create. This is a powerful center. It is associated with our reproduction, and through the feminine, new life is brought into the world. A woman has the potential to bring a child into this world, which requires an immense amount of soft power.

The feminine is also capable of feeling. It is mysterious, intuitive, connected to the higher, quiet, fluid, creative, and chaotic. We can compare it to water, which is all forms simultaneously, quiet but also loud, and cannot be experienced without a "container." If you don't catch water in a glass, it will find its own path, and you can't control it. This glass can be seen as the masculine aspect, which provides more control and sets boundaries for the feminine. This collaboration is present in each of us and is also essential.

The Difference Between Sexuality and Sensuality

The flowing, creative forces of the feminine are closely linked to both sexuality and sensuality. We distinguish them as separate qualities because they represent different aspects. Sexuality pertains to the power of reproduction, the expressions of the sensual, and the attraction between masculine and feminine energy. Sexuality is the male expression of this aspect. It's more about form, action, deeds, boundaries, and the interplay between partners. It encompasses the expressions of desire and the thoughts or fantasies that accompany them. It's also closely tied to the physical aspect.

Sensuality, on the other hand, is about your awareness of who you are with all your desires, with everything that you are. It's about fully experiencing everything that reminds you that you're alive. Sensuality invites you to accept, feel, and experience your desires, to immerse yourself in them and to live life in this way. It is closely related to pleasure, the desire to love and be loved, to feel the fire of passion and longing, to tease, to flirt. This is true life energy, a center of energy that deeply nourishes us. Ironically, for centuries, this is something our society has condemned, suppressed, made suspicious, and punished. Ironically, this is exactly what we are afraid of. And... ironically, this is exactly what we need. It's a fire that calls to us, time and time again, and it's inseparably linked to life. It's a fire that becomes even more visible in the autumn than in any other season. Sensuality is your inner YES and inner NO, your natural boundaries and guidance. It's a beautiful and useful compass.

The Tale of the Wind

"Live! Embody Your Sensuality."

Ready to start writing, I felt a magnetic pull from behind my window. The wind was blowing, and the trees and plants in my front yard and on the street swayed with the wind. I felt the wind speaking to me: "Listen to your body; it knows what's best for you. It can even take you on adventures if you allow it. Its desire is to move with the wind, just like the leaves are doing now. Live. It's screaming to live. Dance with yourself. A body full of wonders. It also carries memories and emotions. You can't reach them with your mind; you have to experience them. The mysteries of the body are waiting for you. Live for the day. Love the night. Take good care of yourself. Allow your body and its language in all its facets. Say yes to everything it gives you, even if it triggers judgment. Take the judgment and take what it gives you and carry it with love and pride.

An empty mind, do you want it? It's already there if you surrender to your life and your body. Tell your mother [Mother Earth] that she's getting you back, and in abundance. Everything you are, everything you were, what you will become, could be, and might be. She can take them, she can receive them if you surrender to your life. To your body. With your entire being. Then the Earth loves you. Then she will carry you. And chart your path and carry you there. She gives. Always. There's never a shortage. Surrender, and you too will know this with your entire being. Sing along with the wind and thank her with that. What this means is that you are thanking yourself. Everything revolves around yourself. Nothing revolves around others. And by doing that, you're giving to others, but really to yourself. What you give is love, compassion, acceptance, worship, pride, healing, gentleness, strength, security, and so much more. This is true abundance, and it's within reach for anyone who is willing.

Live, and you will live. Give, and you will receive. Love, and you will never be without love. These are the steps into the unknown. And ironically enough: You see, these steps aren't that unknown. It's quite simple. Listen to your body. Live!"


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