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The Magic World of the Daisy

Bellis perennis - “Eternal beauty”

Walking through the courtyard behind my house, I notice the daisy. She shines at the touch of the sun on her flowers. Cooling the parched grass that surrounds her. She calls me. I look at her. She seems to reach out: "Take my hand. I'll hold you, I'll support you! Really, don't be afraid." I see her a lot at a time when I'm mostly processing my ancestors' tragic war stories and struggling with many related patterns in my own life. The daisy seems to be telling me that she is going to help me heal these war traumas, which are not mine and yet are mine.

More and more I understand that the plants and herbs around us already have all the knowledge about who and what they are. If we connect with our inner knowing and open up to it, we can access that knowledge. With our intuition. I am doing this more and more. Preferably before I look up what the wild herb is for. Then I know I'm not making it up. That's how I sat down a few times with a daisy in front of me. And I will hereby tell you what she showed me.

Intuitive message about the functioning of the daisy

When I connect intuitively with the daisy and ask about how it works, I always see images of children and parents, with the children learning to cycle with helmets on. They could fall and scrape themselves. The daisy is there to strengthen, to receive, to encourage to play and have fun. She reminds us of the parent-child bond, and strengthens and supports it. The flowers stimulate cheerfulness and the expression of pleasure. What stands out is cheerfulness, fun, playing and trying. So falling and getting up, from a lightness. I see she's there for blood staunches, and to strengthen us where necessary. The daisy with its presence is often enough for that. For blood clots I see the leaf. This time I also saw a cat that crouched through all the legs, especially the belly, crawled tightly along the daisies and the grass. This is about coming back to themselves during and after hunting or playing. A clear reference to the intestines and to calm and reassure them. Not only for cats, but also for humans.

Intuitive personal message and story of the daisy

I asked the daisy if she had a personal message for me this time too. She took me on an intuitive, inner journey. Before me I was shown a scene. Something rattled in the bushes and through the bushes I saw a blackbird scurrying. He wasn't shy. I picked up the bird. My heart was connected to it I felt. Picking up stood for appropriating and grasping what concerns your heart. The bird and I were together in a momentary connection, after which the bird went its own way and flew away again. She fled. I was allowed to let go. As the core of the message: “You can connect from the heart and you can really dare to let go in confidence, also from the heart. You can know, experience and trust that the connection is not lost when you let go.” The blackbird sat on a branch high in the tree and sang about this event and about me. She was telling a story about me. How she experienced that. It was very healing that she did that. For me, a new layer in letting go had arrived here. The event is over and by singing and telling the story, the bird sealed it. It represented a completion. And also healing. I learned to listen. And only then understood that it was over. I became more myself, more authentic, more real. And so did she, by singing like that and expressing herself. Despite me. And I let her do it. My heart became so filled and after a while I felt the loving connection again. Just as we were now. I picked up a violin and decided that I could accompany with music. And thus supported the story. Together we told a story with our own sound that played together in harmony. The connection could be felt, not in a having and holding relationship, but in a shared history and a harmonic self-expression that came from within.

The effect of the Daisy

Taken together, the daisy seems to be an herb aimed at the heart and the (inner) child. An effect on the 'I'-side or back of the heart. Where the love for yourself is located. And balancing your inner child. It remembers and supports the parent-child relationship. And connects you to your own inner child. It invites you to learn from your inner child and its purity. The plant is generally known as childlike innocence. So cheerful and lovely. She encourages you to play and have fun. To see what grabs you from the heart and supports you in letting go from the heart in full confidence in yourself and the other. May you try things by trial and error. And then try again. She enthuses you to take on the adventure with all your heart. It also seems to reflect the importance and healing power of telling tales and listening to stories. As a means of completing and processing experiences.

Medicinal properties

  • It is also called the "Dutch Arnica", but then it can also be used on or around the wound. It is also antibacterial and antifungal. At the same time also used internally (tea) when you get started with it.

  • Astringent and strengthening. It helps with bruises and bruises from falls, sprains or bumps. Better muscle blood flow and removal of waste. Blood enriching, blood purifying and dilates and cleans blood vessels. Promotes blood circulation and blood flow through the vessels. Alternative blood thinner. Relaxation of the heart muscle (good for after a heart attack). The red color in the flower indicates the effect on the heart and blood.

  • Cholesterol and fat lowering.

  • The light hairiness indicates that it acts on the skin and mucous membranes. Accelerate skin healing. Especially good for children and babies, it helps to reduce complaints by letting a strong tea cool down slightly. It helps an (inner) child get both feet on the ground and land here on earth.

  • The herb has a cooling effect, like a compress.

  • Anti-inflammatory and increasing resistance by restoring intestinal flora during antibiotic or penicillin treatment. Starts digestion. I felt my throat and felt relief, which indicates throat relief when coughing, for example. Can be used for respiratory problems, such as cough, inflammation and asthma. Reduce mouth ulcers and inflammation.

  • According to description, it can also be used for headaches, dizziness and insomnia. To be honest, it gave me a slight headache the other day. It depends on the cause of the he.

She does all this in such a gentle way that it is perfectly bearable for everyone, both adult and child.

The daisy's energy

Heart opening, heart venting, out of the head and into the heart. Healing from (war- and childhood) trauma. And in the meantime, she takes you on an adventure in trusting that fresh wind that blows through the heart. Wound healing, liberating, support in letting go, trust. Radiant like the sun. Cheerful. Childlike. Innocent. Lovely. Powerful. In her power. She will not be distracted or mowed down. Because they grow together in groups, she also seems to say: "You are never alone. We will rub shoulders together. Many hands make light work."

Daisy as a soil signal plant

It grows on well-drained, dry (where soil regularly really dries up) and little fertile soil. Especially in sunny and semi-sunny places. The daisy offers coolness even in this place of the earth. And with its dense cover, it counteracts drying out of the earth.

Plant behavior

Daisies close their flower before it rains. The heads follow the sun. Thus, they are strongly related to solar power. You can also cut grass all you want, you just don't eradicate them. It only strengthens the plant. This plant is also walked on a lot and that too only strengthens it. She keeps low enough so that a mower has no effect on her core qualities. She radiates so unimpeded as if there is no threat. Enormous strength and resistance emanates from her. Because she grows so low to the ground in a rosette shape, she is not easily eaten by grazers. This growth form is therefore a protective mechanism and shows survival instinct. Therefore, you cannot easily grab her as it were.

Content Substances

Saponins (bayogenin), essential oil, mucilages, tannins, resin, bitter substances, tannins, sugars and organic acids (malic, tartaric, acetic, oxalic). Also, the substance apigenin, which is antibacterial.

The aerial parts are edible. According to this article, 100 grams of daisies contain:

  • 600 mg kalium

  • 88 mg phosphorus

  • 33 mg magnesium

  • 190 mg calcium

  • 2.7 mg iron

  • 160 mg vitamin A

  • 2.6 mg protein

What can you do with them?

Flower wreaths

Remember those sunny summer days when you and your friends were stringing garlands of daisies. Stringing stories. Of childhood fun. You can do this when you're an adult, too. You can make them into a wreath for in your hair or a necklace. Pick daisy after daisy with enough stem. For a magical wreath, think of an intention or wish or goal while making it. Make a small hole in the stem, insert another stem through it and so on.

Daisy pesto

It is also an edible plant. The flowers are fragrant and leaves can go nicely in a salad or stew. You can also make a pesto from it. Herewith a small recipe:

  • garlic or wild garlic

  • basketful of daisy leaves

  • olive oil

  • walnuts, hazelnuts or pine nuts (or any other nut of your choice)


Its medicinal properties and the story of coming across war trauma touched me deeply, so I decided to make a tincture of it. With a tincture, you always have access to the healing properties of a plant without having to go out every day. You can also set an intention while preparing and while shaking it during the waiting period, increasing the effect of your tincture. Herewith a recipe for tincture:

  • Set a goal or intention for the tincture.

  • Ask which herb wants to be picked for this intention.

  • Pick enough daisies to fill a small jar about 2/3rds full.

  • Chop the daisies (remember your intention) so that you increase the contact area.

  • Fill 2/3rds of the jar with daisies.

  • Are you working with dried plant parts? Then you may fill the jar 1/3rd full.

  • Top up the jar with a liquor or alcohol, above 35%. I used cognac, because we have it here in the house and don't drink it.

  • Close the lid and shake well a few times (keeping your intention in mind).

  • Leave the jar in a warm place (not in the sun) for 3-6 weeks.

  • Strain the extract with a coffee filter, for example.

  • Store it in an easy bottle or jar to use.

To use it, you can put it in a glass that contains a few sips of water. Use about 5 drops at a time and don't do it more often than 3 times a day. Make it a very conscious moment when you really experience for a moment what it does to you when you drink it. And also for a while afterwards.

Are you longing for more connection with nature after reading this blog post and want to know what nature's messages can be for you? Or are you interested in more wild facts and stories? Then join me on my foraging walks as a nature experience. You can request a walk without any obligation by sending an email to and we will discuss the possibilities. Or choose from a fixed date near me here.

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