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Whispers of Nature

A One-Day Silent Retreat
Marvel at the Stillness within

Experience a day full of spaciousness and stillness. Away from everyday life, together in silence. We take you into the energy of wonder and tranquility and together we open our senses. Experience. You can just Be wonderfully in and with this beautiful natural place. You decide what you do in stillness. There is plenty of space. This is an invitation to play with it.

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    109 euros

Stillness & Wonder

What do you need to live from your unique essence? You take that home with you after this special day full of insights.

On this day you connect with nature and with yourself.

There will be an amazing lunch that stimulates the senses.

We close the day with a connection with each other, a fire ceremony and sharing circle, where we can share what this day has done for us.


Location & Price

De Bronhoeve - Ossenwaard 14, 3945 PG Cothen, Nederland

De Bronhoeve is a beautiful location with a plot of 1.65 hectares with beautiful old standard fruit trees, including various old varieties of apple, plum, pear and cherry trees.

A small forest has been planted and around the house are meadows where the grass can grow high in the summer. Behind the farm is a reinforced towpath along the Kromme Rijn.

Your investment for this day will be €109,-, including a beautiful lunch.

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By the end of the day I had that wonderful feeling I usually have when I'm on holiday for at least two weeks."


Friday 22nd of December:
The Program


Welcome - If you arrive a little earlier, you can get in touch with the area and nature.


Start of the day - Get to know each other and we'll tell you what to expect for the day.


Nature experience - Joint walk through the greenery with Rosanna who will tell you all about the plants and herbs that grow at De Bronhoeve and what their meaning and value is.


Experience the stillness within you  - You will have plenty of time to stroll across the grounds of De Bronhoeve, to lie in the grass, to experience, to be. No telephone, no mutual contact, just being here and now.


Silent Lunch - We prepare a beautiful, vegetarian lunch for you, in which all your senses will be stimulated. We eat this lunch in silence. You can simply take your plate to a place where you can enjoy it in peace


- Continue - Experience the stillness within you  - Walk some more, between the orchards or a bit along the river Kromme Rijn. Lie down in the grass or retreat indoors on a yoga mat. Maybe you want to write something in your journal, feel what the silence does to you


Fire ceremony and sharing circle - We break the silence by sitting together in circle around the campfire. There is room to share what came up for you. You may, but you don't have to. We give the person who wants to share the space to share, without interruptions and reactions.


Closing of the day - We close the day and the circle. You can chat for another half hour or leave quietly.

Have you Decided yet?

I organize this wonderful day with Mirjam. She is a beautiful warm hearted woman that can hold the space like no other.

If you have any questions left, please do not hesitate to ask. Simply send us an email and I'll get back to you soon.

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