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From Ego Consiousness to Heart Consciousness

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Do you recognize that? You become aware of your own beliefs. Your emotions bubble to the surface. The same emotions that you have suppressed for years, that you yourself had actually long forgotten. Is this issue still there? You see how the systems no longer seem to fit, how you no longer fit in. How you imagine a better and more beautiful world, where everything flows. In which your child learns real things, like self-love and cooperation. You no longer know which party you belong to and which opinion to voice. All the opinions around you are so jarring, so harsh. The world seems to be turned upside down. Complete chaos.

We are raising our vibration

You got that right. The world is upside down. Or rather, the earth is vibrating a little faster and faster. And we as a society are vibrating along with it. Everything is moving faster. Even that which carries a low vibration, dense energy, increases its vibration. Concealed beliefs, that which could not bear the light of day, are vibrating along. And with that everything comes to the surface. Everything that is not pure, honest, truthful and with integrity becomes visible. And we humans have opinions about that. All the things we see. Our nature is to see things and judge them. That's how we've always done it. So that's how it works. Right?

Is that really truthful seeing? And does that make us accept the experience we have or the object or the person we have in front of us? Judgment belongs to our ego consciousness. We are aware of having a body and a mind (we are our brain!) that can rationalize, analyze and above all create. We see good and evil, we see light and dark, we approve and disapprove. That which is outside of us. And unfortunately also that which is going on within us. And the one goes hand in hand with the other.

But how this works? I got a beautiful insight about this during the reading of the timeline of our collective consciousness together with my reading partner.

Ego Consciousness

During the reading, we saw how a ship split in two, as it were, mirrored by an invisible plane, creating two polarities. One ship was in the light and the other in the dark. The light scene looked like a fixed pattern, the norm, or the way things should be. There is fun, but it also feels a bit out of reach and flattened. The darkness looked very dark, full of fog, insecurity and fear. This side has an enormous undesirable gravitation that pulls you in. There is an immense distance between the two poles. The more you look at the light, the further you are drawn into the dark. It makes you freeze like you can't go anywhere. Standstill. It feels uncomfortably dark. The light is simply too far away. It's a linear polarity, a consciousness in which you are supposed to be a participant. Ego consciousness is thus a participating outwardly oriented consciousness.

Heart Consciousness

We step out of our role as a participant and we start observing. It takes courage to step back and turn on your own “light” to see the scene in its entirety. From the linear polarity this looks like a 3rd plane on the line, the golden mean. It is present though invisible when viewed from the poles. Seen from the dark this part is overshadowed and from the light it is overexposed because the two poles make such a hard boundary towards each other. From the golden mean, while observing the ships from a distance, you can view the light as well as the dark. In order to find a way out of the standstill it is necessary to let both light and dark outside of yourself just be as it is, to see it, to acknowledge it and to accept it without value judgment. Heart consciousness is thus a judgment-free, observing and an inward-looking consciousness.

Start looking inward

We may begin to turn inward from the outside at this time. In this golden mean exists a crack that wants to be seen and asks for healing. A tear in our reality, more and more palpable by the pulling force of the poles moving further and further away from each other. And here it comes: this tear is present in all of our hearts. To heal the tear in the reality of our outer world, it is necessary to heal the polarity inside our hearts. Our gaze that has been directed outward may now turn inward to our hearts. If you see how something is not right in your outer world, you have judged the outer world. Look for that judgment in your inner world and sit with it. Ask what is it doing there? Give it love, attention, listen to it.

Parting of our soul

By healing our pain, hardness and displeasure toward ourselves with gentleness, we radiate this into our own reality. The outside world reflects back at us and shows us conditions that must be met. However, the actual decision inside our hearts to comply at the expense of one's individuality results in a splitting of the soul, with one part being accepted by one's own person according to the standards of the outside world and the other part being left outside as worthless, as if it were nothing. An inner value judgment with far-reaching consequences: you are never 100% whole, never 100% yourself. Et voilá, the valuable experience of ego consciousness: getting to know one's self within polarity being a participant. Exciting, isn't it?

Without value judgement

Learning to see, continue to see, feel, experience, acknowledge, accept and express both poles of yourself without any value judgment will heal the crack: you become whole. And you are going through a transition. A transition that we all get to go through. It takes courage to observe yourself from a distance and to accept yourself for everything that you are: dark as well as light. This process is also accompanied by a beautiful loving softness. This softness fuels the courage and makes it very attractive to be in this state of consciousness. It acts as a protective bubble. Anything that bumps into it will soften up too.

Think of it as a game

The polarity continues to get stronger and stronger and will tempt you to get pulled out of your bubble. “Am I doing it right? Am I in my center? Am I enlightened now? And, do I love myself enough already?” Perfectionism gives way to spiritual perfectionism. Fear, uncertainty, confirmation urge. All your convictions and opinions shake you you up out of your center. The invitation is to step back, see it for what it is, accept and soften yourself completely. In a playful way you discover the limits of the bubble of your heart, how your center feels, what your triggers are and how you come back in this soft heart bubble. It is an exploration of the heart consciousness and how you can live and experience from there. A new reality. Do you notice and feel the difference? How exciting is that?

A new reality

A certain polarity is also present within this new reality, it just looks different and is not the focal point of the life experience. After all, you no longer participate in it, but you observe. Once you are in this heart consciousness, a vast space opens up. Space is created literally and figuratively: breathing space, space in your field of vision, space in the form of possibilities, seas of space for yourself, effortlessness, unconditionality, infinity. Then when we look at the ships again, we see that they turn around back to the mirror plane and cross it. As an observing participant you now have control over what happens here without using your thoughts or 'mind'. You can play the scene and use your divine creative power, from the place of your heart. This is a combination of continuing to look inside yourself and focusing your consciousness on parts of yourself, letting the flow of life work through you. A combination of focus and confidence. Everything that happens is from a place of relaxation, self-acceptance, self-love, trust, effortlessness and unconditionality without value judgment.

Two keys, two locks and two doors

If we then look at the two different ways of looking at the world, we can apply a metaphor to it. The heart consciousness (or observing consciousness), like the ego consciousness (or participating consciousness), is a control room, or rather a key that fits on a lock to open a door to a new reality.

The key of the ego consciousness with its participating capacity and orientation towards the outside world fits on the lock of value judgment, with which you open the door to the dimensions well known to us, our reality. We live in linearity, polarity, physicality, fear, individuality and sequential order. By using the ego consciousness, we can connect with it, experience it and navigate it.

The key of the heart consciousness with its observing power and inward orientation (toward the Self) fits on the lock of intuition, self-love and acceptance, with which you open the door to dimensions new and unknown to us, a new reality. With the key of the heart consciousness we will be able to connect with, experience and navigate in dimensions of circularity, space, possibilities, manifestation, attraction, (divine) creative power, the real light, (inter)connectivity and spirit orientedness.

Connect to your intuition

In order to navigate in new dimensions, we will first consciously move through a transition phase. A phase in which we work with both keys and experience both worlds. The ego consciousness is strongly anchored in our body. We have a body that functions entirely on the system of value judgments. An event triggers a thought in us that is linked to a judgment, which then sets in motion a whole chain: your body experiences all kinds of emotions, on which behavior is based, which in turn has an impact on the outside world with a certain result. The value judgment is a loud, clear voice that leads us to where we need to be with this consciousness: our place in our reality.

Our intuition, on the other hand, is very loving, whisper-soft and requires awareness, courage and clarity. She is also persistent, forgiving and unambiguous. She will show you the way, without detour, without fail. A clear path guided by a soft voice, which takes up space only if you allow it. Which offers you what you need exactly when you need it, if you can surrender to it unconditionally. This is, as it were, a muscle that we will have to train, so that we can respectfully offer her the space she needs to lead us to where we should be with this consciousness: our place in that new reality.


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