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Rosanna's Garden

Explore a new nature, discover your truth, enjoy life and find deeper connections.

K10th Dimension Art


Welcome into the Garden

Hi, I'm Rosanna!

I help naturally conscious, sensitive people to connect to their natural wisdom and deep inner knowing through intuition and experience.

The garden is a symbolic exploration of our connection to ourselves, others, and nature.

It represents my vision of a new world where abundance and cooperation thrive.


This space provides inspiration, tools, and guidance to help you reconnect with your natural wisdom and deep connections to others and nature.


Return to your true nature and enjoy the journey!


Here you find insightful intuitive energy readings and relaxing healing sessions to help you tap into your natural inner wisdom. Or join inspiring & wondrous herbal & nature walks or wind down during a silent retreat. I can help guide you on an amazing journey of personal growth and transformation.

Start your journey today and discover the magic within you!


I recently had a reading/healing done by Rosanna. I am impressed by her ability to 'see'. She knew exactly where my pain points were, so I could feel them clearly and together we could release or transform them. Rosanna is a very pleasant, gentle and also powerful person, who was able to give me deep insights and the feeling that I can now leave some old things behind me. Thank you!! <3"

Mirjam van Ruth


The Rosanna's Garden Podcast is all about deep and vulnerable insights on life and my deep connection to nature. And bonus! Sometimes you will find a free visualization meditation. For now, it's mainly in Dutch.



Hoogsensitiviteit als Overlevingsstrategie:

De regie over je leven terugnemen


Het Donker en het Licht

en de Boodschap van de Meidoorn


Verlatingsangst en Dissociatie:

Hoe wij bang zijn om onszelf te verlaten

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