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Energy Healing: What is it and What are the Effects?

Seeking to improve your overall well-being and connect more deeply with your true self, who you are deep within? Or simply craving for more space and relaxation in your life? ​Experience​ more inner peace. Surrender to the quiet within and get to know yourself on a deeper level. A great start into connecting more easily with your true self, your natural wisdom, your intuition, nature and others might be a Healing session. It might elevate blockages, provide more breathing room and give helpful insights for your introspection process to help you on your way.


What is 'Healing' and How does it Work?

Everything in this universe is information expressed as energy vibrating at various frequencies according to the law of Vibration - one of the 7 laws of nature. The law of Attraction states like attracts like, so lower vibrating particles and waves cluster together with the lower vibrating energies. And thus, the other way around.

Your body-energy system is composed of all kinds of frequencies and many opposing frequencies, since we live in a polarized world. This is where it gets interesting. Just imagine when you get frustrated about something that totally triggers you. Hello, low vibrations! This low frequency tells you where in your system you are "resisting", pushing something away, something of yourself that you may not want to see or experience. Here, your ego is usually very unconsciously in control. If you let this rule your day, you will already be able to guess how you will feel for the rest of the day.

However, you do not consist only of these low vibrations, because then life would also be boring and boring. So, the next moment you might for example completely loose yourself in your creative passion. Well, hi there, high vibrations! This 'creative passion' is connected to your pure expression of the higher Self. This is where you feel guided and when time doesn't behave the way you normally experience time. Everything in this universe is originated from one Divine Source, or Infinite Intelligence (however you like to call it) and thus an expression of this Oneness. So are you!

A healing calls out the high frequencies within your being and shows what is not in accordance with this high vibration in a loving way. In doing so, the vibrations get raised to this pure and essential natural vibration within you. Old and stagnant, non-serving, lower vibrating topics simply detach and let go. Therefore your path and your truth are found in your unique expression and being of your self


The 'non-serving' part is important here, and has to be understood without any judgement. Something that is bothering you, is usually a trigger to receive insights and to learn something about yourself. Therefore it might still be seen by your energy system as 'serving'.

Various forms of Energy Healing

There are many ways and forms in which healing practices are being held. You've probably heard of aromatherapy, psychotherapy, crystal therapy, sound baths and the laying on of the hands by a 'guru'. The practitioner connects to his or her pure essential, natural healing energy, the light within, their higher Self or whatever name resonates with you best. Crystals, sounds and scents already exist in this state naturally. Their energy frequency is high and a pure expression of the self, which invites these qualities in your system too. It can be done through a so called mirroring of energy vibrations (the inner light of the practitioner and the inner light of the client), through transmissions of loving healing energy (from Source, God, Divine or Supreme Being, you pick your word) as is done in Reiki healing, or by channeling (the practitioner is a channel for higher vibrational beings that are here to help raise the frequency of the Earth ) as is done with other forms of healing. Combinations are also possible.

Intuitive Energy Healing

This Intuitive Healing is my personal healing energy, based on the mirroring method. I clear my energy system before the session, so I am grounded and neutral-minded. After a short check-in with you, I surrender to my intuition. By doing so, I connect with the surrounding nature energy, my own healing energy and your energy system. These start to flow and dance, with my intuition as a guide. As an energy reader I also 'see' the thematics in your energy system and I'm happy to share my insights with my clients afterward.

Nature's Energy

The energy of the surrounding nature activates your system toward the energy of nature. Ever walked in a forest and noticed this? Nature exists of living and energetic beings, just like us. Every plant, stone or drop of water has a complex energy system that 'knows' on a very deep and profound level about itself and its surroundings. They are very centered beings. Their knowing is a beautiful guide towards qualities like peace, calm, quiet, unconditional self expression and 'beingness'. And they are so very happy to collaborate with us humans.

Effects of an Energy Healing Session

An energy healing is a beautiful flow of energy that clears up your energy system from excess in heavy energy, stuck energy and low vibrations that are ready to be released. Energy healing effects are also helping you to relax, be grounded to the earth and into the self. It gets you back towards your true self, your natural wisdom and true nature.

This session is healing you in a holistic way, on different levels and on a deeper level. This not a conventional medical tool. It enlarges your consciousness, softens you and helps you observe and accept life as it is. It provides you with a feeling of being more connected to yourself, your body, being more grounded or just feeling more calmness and clearance. Nature's energy is also being activated in your system - if this is right for you in the moment. This supports the above mentioned qualities, as well as providing your with a more effortless connection with nature's call.

This healing session helps you connect to nature more easily on a daily basis and opens up a new intuitive connection with it. Be more aware of your natural surroundings after this healing session, and let nature carry you away in wonder. Read all about the healings I offer here or book your healing now.


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